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Meeting the right safety criteria to keep your vehicle on the road
Did you know that it is possible to renew the MOT test on your vehicle up to 28 days before its due date without losing any days on the new test’s validity? Here at Auto Tech Limited we are able to offer you a thorough MOT test that not only meets VOSA standards, but also ensures that your vehicle is running at its very best.
In the UK, all cars over 3 years old require an MOT test every 12 months. If your vehicle does pass its annual MOT test you will be unable to use it on the road, renew your car tax or insurance. An MOT test covers testing and maintaining many different aspects of your vehicle to ensure that it meets the best safety and environmental criteria needed to keep it on the road. These include tasks such as checking the lighting and signalling equipment, checking brakes and steering function and ensuring your tyres and wheels are in good condition. We will also check the general body of the vehicle, make sure your exhaust and emissions are in order and that the driver’s view of the road meets the MOT criteria.
If you would like to learn more about our MOT service, or any of the other car repairs we carry out, please do get in touch.
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What We Offer

Class 4 MOT

We carry out all kinds of MOT services including Class 4 MOTs.

Class 7

For a Class 7 MOT call Auto Tech or book with us now.

Class 5

We have the skills and experience to carry out Class 5 MOTs.


If you struggle to remember when your vehicle’s MOT is due, then we can remember for you.


Our Pre-Check Service will help ensure your vehicle passes it’s MOT with flying colours.

MOT Services

To find out more about our range of MOT services call us today.
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