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Funeral plans

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It pays to plan ahead

Every person is different, and every funeral can be too. Your funeral is unique to you and is a celebration of your life, which is why we help our clients to consider every detail and add those personal touches that are individual to you. From transport and music to floral tributes, our local, expert team are here to help.

A funeral plan is a way of recording your wishes so you can rest assured that all the arrangements have been taken care of, so your loved ones aren’t left with any difficult decisions when the time comes.

The financial burden of a funeral can be heavy, and sometimes this can cause extra worry for family and friends at an already emotional time. Our funeral plan ensures that whenever you come to use it, all of the costs are fully covered at today’s prices if the requirements haven’t changed and Lincolnshire Co-op arrange the funeral - unlike many other pre-paid plans or insurance policies which may not cover the average cost of a funeral.

A funeral plan, sometimes called a funeral bond, is a way to record all the choices you’d like for your funeral before the time comes. It’s as simple as having a chat with one of our funeral colleagues. They’re highly-trained, friendly and professional. As a Society we’ve been serving the bereaved and caring for the deceased with dignity for over 150 years.

We offer a choice of fully guaranteed plans: Simple, Bronze, Silver and Gold. We also provide bespoke plans which give you the option to decide exactly what you want included, ranging from transport to music.

A Lincolnshire Co-op funeral plan starts from £3,055 including a minimum of £100 member discount*. Our plans let you tailor make funeral arrangements at today’s prices. With our unmatched experience and personal service, we’ll carry out all the arrangements with care and professionalism when the time comes.

We’re committed to providing transparent prices and helping people find a funeral they can afford. To show this, we’ve signed the Fair Funerals Pledge. From simple services to eco burials, our expert colleagues are here to help discuss your wishes.

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How we use the information about you

Hear from Mr & Mrs Hall:

It can be difficult to talk about your wishes for the future - but Mr and Mrs Hall say it’s given them peace of mind.

Here’s their story… 

Fair Funerals Pledge Fair Funeral Planning Authority National Association Of Funeral Directors

Terms and conditions

If you are a member and pay in full for your funeral plan, you will receive a minimum £100 discount. If you pay in instalments, you will receive a minimum of £100 dividend on your card upon receipt of your final payment.

**Please note that we operate a vulnerable person policy to protect the interests of those who may be susceptible to detriment or disadvantage due to certain personal circumstances. In such cases we may request the presence of an additional family member or friend, or if this is not possible, we may provide a nominated individual to assist, advise and support.