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With our experience we get to the root of the problem, fast.

An engine diagnostic is run to locate the cause of the problem. We use all the latest SUN and SNAP ON tools and technologies when we run our initial diagnosis. Using this approach means that we will be able to figure out the problem quickly and then order all the correct required.

Here at Auto Tech Limited we understand how important not only your vehicle is to you, but also your time. We want to ensure we get it right on the first go, which is why we put such a great deal of effort into using engine diagnostics efficiently. All our team are highly experienced and qualified so you can be confident that your vehicle’s repairs will be carried out to the highest standards. All our work is carried out in line with RMI guidelines, giving another reason you can rely on us.

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What We Offer


Is your vehicle’s Engine Management Light indicating a service is required? Call now.

Engine Tune

Our engine tuning service will ensure your vehicle operates exactly as it should.

Engine Misfire

If your vehicle’s engine is misfiring then we can solve the the issue.

Fault Codes

We can carry out an engine diagnostic and provide you with a full list of fault codes.

Diagnostic Check

We carry out a thorough engine diagnostic checks to ensure it runs like clockwork.


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