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Miles badly cared for clutches burn out.

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Wear and tear will happen over time
The lifespan of a typical clutch is pretty hard to quantify – some clutches can last for over 10,000 miles whereas others can burn out in less than 30,000 miles. Lots of factors come into play: how carefully you use it; the vehicle you drive and even temperature and local climate can contribute. At Auto Tech Limited, our highly qualified team will be able to check your vehicle’s clutch and carry out repair work as needed. So if the worst come to worst we will be able to replace your vehicle’s clutch should it be necessary.
The clutch is an integral part of your vehicle and, as a result, a fair amount of wear and tear on the clutch will occur naturally over time. There are a number of common problems that can occur with a clutch that Auto Tech will be able to help with. These include a broken or stretched clutch cable or air in the hydraulic line. Our clutch replacement service uses dual mass and clutch specialists. All our staff hold the highest qualifications so they will be able to figure out what the difficulty is and discuss it with you before taking the repair any further.
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We provide quality, precision clutch re-conditioning service.

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If your engine is experiencing juddering we offer the solution.

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If your clutch cable has broken or has been stretched we can repair it in no time.

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