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Maintaining brakes is crucial to safety and overall performance
Did you know: the power generated by the brakes of even a modest family car can be as much as 375KW? That means they outstrip the engine output of virtually anything on the road. So it is fair to say looking after the brakes has got to be one of the most vital elements of your vehicle’s upkeep. Here at Auto Tech Limited we can offer you an excellent all-round service on your vehicle’s brakes.
Brake repairs can encompass a variety of different tasks. Any brake repair or overhaul here at Auto Tech Limited will begin with a thorough inspection of your braking system and locating the problem. Signs that your brakes may be in need of a check can include juddering, noise when driving and poor performance when braking.
When getting your brakes repaired, we at Auto Tech Limited understand that you need to have the utmost confidence in the service you are receiving for such an important part of your car maintenance. We have been established as a local company for over 10 years and we bring a team with many more years’ experience. All our staff are highly qualified and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your brake repairs.
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What We Offer

Brake Inspection

We will inspect your vehicle’s entire braking system to ensure they are safe.

Brake Pads

We will can check that your brake pads and if they need replacing.

Brake Disc

We can carry out a full brake disc inspection on your behalf.

Brake Imbalance

We are able to judge if your vehicle has a brake imbalance

Brake Judder

Tired of experiencing brake juddering? We can fix it.

Brake Shoes

We can carry out a full brake shoe inspection and replace if faulty.

Brake Cylinder

If your vehicle is in need of a brake cylinder service, we are here to help.

Brake Bleed

We will bleed your vehicle’s brakes ensuring it is done safely and correctly.

ABS light

Having problems with your vehicle’s ABS light? We can solve the problem.
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