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Air Conditioning Service Centre

Important to your fuel costs
85% of new vehicles come with air conditioning as standard and as with any mechanical part of a vehicle, regular checks and servicing are needed to ensure that it’s running at the highest standard possible. Auto Tech Limited offers an all-round air conditioning service that will ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning is doing just that.
At Auto Tech Limited, we will give your vehicle’s air conditioning a thorough inspection and then carry out any repairs and replacements needed to the system. A common issue with air conditioning systems is the potential build-up of bacteria and other nasty dirt that can become trapped. If this goes unchecked it can cause the spread of bacteria or create bad odour in the car, or cause occupants to have an allergic reaction. At Auto Tech Limited, we can rid your air conditioning of any of these and ensure that it is clean and bacteria free. Inefficient air conditioning can lead to your fuel costs rocketing, so let our team of experts help sort it out.
If you would like to learn more about the air conditioning repairs we carry out, or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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What We Offer

Pollen Filter

Stale air? It could mean that your vehicle’s pollen filter needs changing. Call now.


Our Air Conditioning Antibacterial Service will get rid of those nasty odours.


If your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working as well as it should, it could be due a recharge.

Cleaning Service

We offer an Air Conditioning Cleaning Service to ensure the air you breathe is fresh.


Our expert technicians are on hand to carry out your vehicle air conditioning re-gas.

A.C Pump

Our air conditioning pump services ensure a comfortable temperature when in use.


For a top-quality Air Conditioning Condenser Replacement Service get in touch.


If your vehicle’s air conditioning is experiencing a leak call Auto Tech Limited today.


For a high-standard Air Conditioning Refrigerant Service call Auto Tech today.
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